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Welcome to Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital

Our Mission

Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital mission is to reach out to the rural poor areas and provide quality eye care free of cost to the most needy people. And committed in created a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering cause by blindness and other eye problems. Actively partner with community to improve the eye health of people in rural and semi-urban areas.


Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital vision is to eliminate curable blindness in the region by the end of year 2020. We call it as “Vision 20/20 by 2020”



Responsibility is our key value. This includes our responsibility to the donors, our patrons, our fellow volunteers, and the people we serve.


Honesty is a core value of the organization. We serve our patrons with integrity.


We are disciplined in our commitment to our core values, our core ethics and fiscal and moral responsibilities.


We encourage and value new ideas and empower our volunteers to execute their innovative methods to better serve our donors and beneficiaries

Welcome to Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital