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Welcome to Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital

Our Services

At Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality comprehensive medical care that is centered on the health of human eye. Our dedicated staff of surgeons, registered nurses and surgical technician always there to help you though all stages of eye related treatment.

Currently our Services are;

  • Free Eye Examination
  • Free Prescribed Glasses
  • Free Cataract surgery
  • Free Post Cataract Examination
  • Free Long Term Post-Care
  • Free Medication of Basic Eye Infection and Eye related illnesses
Near Future Extension in Hospital Services:
  • Free Examination of Patients Having Glaucoma
  • Free Glaucoma Surgical Operations
  • Extension of Medical facility related to Eye Diseases

Stages of Trust Services

  • Appointment
  • Our medical appointment setting service can ensure that our clients will be able to set appointments at their convenience.

  • Consultation
  • The service is led by the general internal medicine faculty who have a special interest in consultative medicine.

  • Eye Surgery Advice
  • To provide patients with the best advanced eye care procedures and advice, Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital Surgical Services offers a highly-trained staff of surgeons, registered nurses and surgical technicians.

  • Consultation with Surgeons
  • You now would have the right to consult with specialist doctors that which hospital or treatment is suitable for you.

  • Surgery
  • Surgery may generally seem procedure-centric. However, it is research into new techniques and treaments that advance the field.

For more information about services, visit Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital or find out more details on Contact Us
Welcome to Khan (Trust) Eye Hospital